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Concrete Stamp Rentals

Concrete Stamp Examples


Select Surface Solutions offers concrete stamp rentals that will produce a one of a kind look on the exterior or interior surfaces. Concrete stamps come in a variety of patterns and textures such as wood planks, stone, new and aged bricks, ashlar tiles, cracked earth, and many more.


What is stamped concrete?

Whether you have a freshly poured slab or have an existing slab, concrete stamp mats can help dress up your concrete project. Stampable concrete overlays may be applied to existing slabs to create a new surface.  This process is often used when increasing the size of an area and a new slab is poured. The stampable overlay is applied over the new and old concrete then stamped to create a uniform finish. We are here to help you select the products,  number of stamps, and correct tooling to meet the needs of your particular project.


How does it work?

First, contact or visit our office for concrete stamp rental availability.  Once we establish availability, come in, and we will get you started on the rental process. We can assist with choosing how many stamps you will need and the touchup skins that work best with your pattern. We can also help you select integral color and concrete stains for your finishing touches. Our shop has many products you may need for your project, including but not limited to: overlay mixes, integral colors,  liquid release, powder release, stains, and sealers. When you are finished with your stamp, clean thoroughly and return to our shop.


Concrete Stamp Rental Details:

Stamp Rental Price: $35 per stamp

Rental Duration: 3 business days

Touch Up Skins: free with a rental of a rigid or flexible stamps

Tamper Rentals: $25 per tamper for a 3-business day period

Most Popular Styles:  6” wood planks, majestic ashlars, and oxford slate seamless stamp

*We also sell new and used stamp sets.  


Reserve your stamps today by calling us at 407-730-3103. We will have your stamp ready for pickup at your convenience.

New Decorative Concrete Products

Introducing Four New Products In Stock

Here at Select Surface Solutions, we are always looking for new decorative concrete products that help you turn your next concrete idea into a reality. We take into account your needs and we are always requesting feedback on which products will best benefit you. We have four new products that we are excited to share with you for your next project.

Easy Squeegee by MidWest Rake

This Easy Squeegee is super versatile and allows you to use new decorative concrete products to create something incredible. This Midwest Rake product is extremely easy to clean and is functional for any job site. This squeegee has a technology like no other. The technology allows for easy disassembly, blade replacement, reassembly, and cleanability. This product can benefit your next decorative concrete job. View the video above to see how this product works.


Glow in the Dark Sand and Aggregates from Ambient Glow Technology


This innovative product from AGT allows you to completely transform your concrete! In daylight, your concrete will look generic, but once nightfall comes your concrete will light up the night. This product adds a playful and mesmerizing appeal to any concrete fixture. The glow from this aggregate allows for an environmental lighting inside or outside of your home or business.

Terrazzo Glass from Heritage Glass


Terrazzo Glass is a recycled glass that is used to create stunning floors, countertops, sidewalks, fire-pits, and much more. The color possibilities are endless and can be curated to your specifications.



Quartz from Estes`


Quartz is an easy maintenance flooring option that makes your floors stand out. This style of flooring is great for garages, pool decks, restrooms, and any outdoor walkways. Quartz can be personalized to any blend depending on your specifications. This product allows for non-slip properties as well.