Highly Durable Colors Specially Designed for Concrete


SureCrete’s unique tints are the first in the concrete sealer industry to be formulated specifically for the variances in alkalinity, ultra-violet light, and moisture that are common in cementitious surfaces. With this in mind, many of the issues that contractors are used to dealing with in the Pigmented Concrete Coatings industry become a thing of the past. New colors and applications become available for use with this all-new tinting system.

One Pigment Does it All…

  • Unlimited color range with only 8 tints
  • These 8 tints are used for both water-based and solvent-based acrylics, epoxy and urethanes.
  • The 8 tints produce 228 standard colors along with unlimited custom colors
  • Better tints allow for brighter, more vibrant colors for concrete

Since our tinting system was designed with the ability to be used for both water based and solvent based concrete sealer systems, they can be used simultaneously in a vast array of products.