Dedicated Training Facility

Our training facility is located just across the parking lot from our showroom and warehouse.  It is important to us that we provide training that allows you to get a taste of what will be experienced on a job site or in a shop.  All of our training courses are hands-on, NOT DEMOS, OR SITTING IN A CLASSROOM FOR HOURS.  Most courses require a small fee to help cover costs, and we have found that if an attendee invests a bit of money, they are more likely to show up for the class!  We provide training open to the public as well as private sessions customized to your companies needs.

We offer courses for people who are just starting within the industry and people who are advanced and want to learn more techniques. The advanced classes are usually taught by an industry-leading artisan.

Below are the dates and details of the courses currently scheduled.  Check back often as we add new dates quite often. If you are a talented artisan and would like to host a training course of your own, please contact us at (407) 730-3103. We would be happy to host you.

2019 Calendar

January 10-11: Epoxy Coating and Concrete Overlay Systems

March 14-15: Introduction to Concrete Countertops, Furniture, and Accessories

April 11-12: Introduction to Decorative Concrete Overlays

May 16-17: Epoxy Coating Systems

September 26-28: Introduction to Precast Concrete Countertops

October 24-25: Introduction to Decorative Concrete Overlays

November 14-15: Epoxy Coatings Systems and Epoxy Countertops

December 12-14: Introduction to Precast Concrete Countertops


Our Past Training Opportunities of 2018

January  15-16: Introduction to Decorative Concrete Overlays

February 26-27: Advanced Concrete Overlay and Staining with Daniel Lynch from Ashley’s Concrete Products

March 15-16: Introduction to Concrete Countertops

March 29-30: Epoxy Coating Systems

May 10-11: GFRC Concrete Countertop and PolyTek Mold Making

May 31-June 1: Epoxy Coating Systems

June 4-6: Vertical Concrete Carving and GFRC Precast with Joshua Russell and Mark Hodges

October 18-19: *FREE* Epoxy Coatings Systems and Concrete Overlay with Surecrete

November 5-9: Vertical Carving with Warren Ness

Hands-On Training We Offer


GFRC Concrete Countertops and Polytek Mold Making

In this course, participants will use SureCrete’s Extreme Precast Series to create a countertop and several samples using a variety of techniques. You will walk away with the samples you create, as well as the knowledge to begin casting countertops for yourself and/or customers!

We are proud to include Polytek Mold Making during some of our countertop training courses.  Multiple urethane molds will be created using several different methods.  Please check specific dates for this inclusion.

Intro to Epoxy Coatings

In this course, participants will learn how to prep existing concrete, installation of SureCrete metallic, vinyl and mica flakes, pigmented epoxies, and you will receive a detailed maintenance plan.


Concrete Overlay

In this course, participants will learn interior and exterior concrete overlay and staining techniques. You will also learn how to properly prep existing concrete, install the appropriate products, select colors and sealers to achieve one-of-a-kind low maintenance flooring systems.

Vertical Concrete Carving

In this course, participants will learn from industry-leading artisans who show you how to use specialized tools to help you create mix designs, carve, color, and maintain your vertical work. Each class differs due to the wide array of artisans we host.  In the past, we have created vertical concrete walls, fireplaces, address boulders, and architectural accent pieces.

 We also provide on-site and in-house private training courses to meet your company’s needs. Course size is limited to ensure that each participant has the opportunity to ask questions and receive one-on-one attention from the instructor. Please register by calling us at (407) 730-3103 with a 50% deposit to hold your spot in the class.