Acid Stain

What Is Acid Stain?

Acid stain is a liquid chemical stain product that is designed to permanently add color and etch into concrete.  Acid stain can be used on concrete floors, walls, countertops and almost any material made of concrete.

Benefits of Acid Staining

The process of acid staining does not involve any kind of paint, and it is not a resurfacing agent – it is actually a coloring process that can be applied to cementitious surfaces. Acid stain is a solution composed of water, acid, and metallic salts that combines and interacts with the minerals in concrete to create a mottled, marble-like appearance. Acid staining can create a variety of beautiful colors ranging from earthy browns to mossy greens. It is even possible to create a custom shade by mixing and matching different solutions and by applying them in different concentrations. This coloring process can be applied to nearly any concrete-based surface, including sidewalks, driveways, patios, and even indoor flooring. When it comes to outdoor acid stain, Orlando is the perfect place, because it is always sunny and warm – ideal conditions for the staining process and because acid stain does not fade or peel it will last indefinitely.

Preparations for Acid Stain

It is important to note that not all concrete floors are ideal for the acid stain process. It does not matter how old the concrete it, but if the surface is worn out, already sealed or simply not in very good condition, it will not take to the stain as well as a clean fresh smooth surface. Before staining an older concrete surface, a thorough cleaning is required to remove accumulated dust, grease, and sealers that might prevent the stain from penetrating the concrete. On newer concrete surfaces, no preparation may be required – The best way to determine if your concrete can be stained is by doing a sample or test on the concrete.

Applying an acid stain does not require a large number of special tools but will require application tools, wet vacuum, and a mop and mop bucket.  You may also want to use a concrete diamond blade grinder to score lines or a pattern into the concrete.  Before applying the stain, cover the walls with paper to prevent damage. Then, mix your stain and spray it over the concrete surface. Spray the stain in a random pattern until the floor is thoroughly wetted – the pattern you choose does not matter as long as you don’t allow puddles to form if this is not the look you are going for.  Allow the first coat of stain to dry then you can apply a second coat to ensure full coverage.

Once the stain is dry you will then have to clean and remove all the residue that is left on the surface.  After the surface is completely dry (usually overnight) You can then apply a sealer or top coat.

If you are looking for a simple way to bring new life to your old, tired concrete floors, the answer may be easier than you ever imagined. Acid staining is a great way to recolor your concrete floors without having to perform a major remodel.

Sure Stain Concrete Acid Stain:

SureStain is a low residue reactive acid that works on both concrete and cement based overlays creating a mottled and unpredictable movement.

Coverage: 200 sq. ft. per 1 gallon

Packaging: 1 gallon jugs

Color Chart

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