Polished Concrete

48Eco-StainPolished concrete is known for its beauty, durability, and low maintenance.  With new advances in installation and material technology, it is fast becoming the most popular flooring choice in the Central Florida area.  Most people are familiar with polished concrete in commercial settings, but we are now seeing a dramatic increase in the installation request within the residential sector.  Homeowners are attracted to the high luster, low maintenance, and endless color options of polished concrete.  New or old concrete can be made into a no-wax, high gloss, stain and scratch resistant floor using a system of grinding, nano densifiers and sealers. Eco-friendly conscious builders, property owners, and renovators are choosing polished concrete for several reasons.  Because concrete is already present, additional flooring materials do not need to be produced or shipped, thus reducing the environmental footprint of the project.  The process and materials used to create polished concrete emit very little to no VOC which reduces air contaminants and improves indoor air quality. Polished concrete is also energy efficient due to its intrinsic ability to moderate temperature fluctuations reducing the energy consumed by HVAC systems.  The reflective nature of polished concrete also reduces the amount of illumination typically required by reflecting the already existing natural and artificial light and improving the efficiency of the lighting system.  When all of these factors are combined, polished concrete is the obvious choice for going GREEN and earning LEED points. Select Surface Solutions offers a line of polished concrete materials, equipment, and technical support for the installation of polished concrete floors for your project…large or small.

Polished Concrete materials, tools, & equipment

Polishing Dye



Concrete Dye

Our dyes provide a wide pallet of acetone or alcohol soluble dyes for coloring interior concrete.  These deep penetrating, concrete dyes have a rapid dry time suitable for the climate found in Orlando, Florida. The concentrated  formula is packaged in 1 pint containers that will yield 1 gallon of dye when added to acetone or alcohol.

Packaging:  1 pint (concentrate)

Colors: 15, Click here for Color Chart

Diamond Glass Densifier   Diamond Glass Densifier

A water based, lithium densifiers/hardener with NANO glass technology.  Our densifier is packaged in concentrated formula which yields 5 gallons of densifier solution for every 1 gallon of concentrate.

Packaging:  1 Gallon Jug, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 Gallon Drum (concentrate)

VOC :  0 g/L  


SealerDiamond Glass Sealer 

Provides an ultra high luster finish when polished or burnished as the last step in polished concrete installation.  Color enhancing properties ensures vibrant, long term beauty.  Incorporated bonding agents results in superior performance thus product can also be used as a topical sealer.  This product can be on interior and exterior concrete in Central Florida.  Stocked in showroom but can also be shipped.  Concentrated formula reduces shipping expense.

Packaging:  1 Gallon Concentrate

VOC :  0 g/L


Lil Green 2014






   “Lil Green Machine”

This versatile machine is perfect for commercial and residential jobs that require grinding and or polishing. Its performance and ergonomic design provides significant advantages over the larger more expensive models.  Lil Green can be used on concrete, stone, and terrazzo.

Click here to view Specifications        

Cup & Grinding Tools Cutters, Cups & Grinding Wheels  

PCD cutters, metal segment grinding tools as well as turbo cups are used for material removal, edge prep, and or leveling. These high quality tools create a large surface area, increase work efficiency, and reduce prep expenses.


Diamond PadsResin Bond Diamond Tools 

Our flexible polishing tools are able to conform to slight variations resulting in an even polish across the floor surface.  Industry leading technology is used to create application specific resins that allow these pads to last when used on concrete and granite. 3″ and 5″ discs are available in grits starting at #30 up to #3000.