G Series


G Series pads are designed to improve gloss clarity on burnished floors. These pads by Ameripolish are ideal for ultra-high-speed floor machines, as they can operate in the 1500-300 RPM range. We offer the 27-inch pad for G1, G2, G3 series by Ameripolish. The price is for a (2) pack.


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Ameripolish® G Series pad is a floor burnishing pad for use on ultra high-speed floor machines that operate in the 1500-3000 RPM range. The pad is made of polyester fibers in a non-woven construction. This product is designed for the burnishing phase after Ameripolish® Stain Protection is applied and dried. The pad is available in varying sizes.

G Series Features & Uses

  • Designed to improve the gloss/clarity of floors protected with Ameripolish® Stain Protection or other sealer-type products
  • Removes dust, scuffs, and marks on high-traffic areas
  • Used on ultra high-speed electric, battery, or propane floor machines
  • Unique pad designs can be equipped to power trowel machines for a fast and efficient burnishing step



  1. After the proper application of Ameripolish® Stain Protection as according to its TDS, secure the Ameripolish® G3 burnishing pad to a high-speed burnisher.
  2. Once the Ameripolish® G3 burnishing pad has been secured, operate the machine normally between 1500-3000 RPM.
  3. It is not necessary to heat the Ameripolish® Stain Protection to a certain temperature, simply pass over the entire floor with the Ameripolish® G3 burnishing pad at a walking pace.


Sealed surfaces should be inspected periodically for areas of thin or traffic-worn sealer, and sealer reapplied as needed. Normal traffic may require reapplication of Ameripolish® sealers annually. Use Ameripolish® Rejuvenating Cleaner for long-lasting protection during maintenance

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