Tips N Tricks For Applying Acrylic Sealer

There are so many fantastic brands of solvent acrylic sealer to choose from. Whether you are looking to create a pristine clear coat or change the color with pigment. The team at Select Surface Solutions have (3) three pro-tips that will help you choose the right product and have it perform optimally on your project.

Ensure Color Integrity

Most projects require multiple pails of colored solvent acrylic (pigmented sealer). Mixing each pail thoroughly is a sound strategy. But to ensure color integrity, “boxing” the multiple pails into one batch, is best practice. This technique will ensure uniform coloration.

Avoid the Haze

The Orlando area receives 53 inches of rain per year. When you combine that amount of ground moisture with our high temperatures, you have an environment where moisture is constantly migrating from South to North. Choosing the right breathable sealer is essential if you want to avoid your clear coat looking cloudy or hazy. Solvent acrylic sealers are the best choice for sealing exterior concrete.

Solvent for the Win

The #1 user-friendly exterior sealer for Florida is solvent-acrylic. Its ease of application and fast drying are fantastic attributes. But it doesn’t mean your sealer job will be perfect every time. Roller lines, spider webbing and other minor imperfections can occur. Fixing these eye soars is made easy by misting xylene on the surface and gently rolling into sealer. This will melt the acrylic and get it to lay down smooth.

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