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Tips for Selecting a Cool Concrete Design for the Reception Area in Your Orlando Business

Concrete Floor Design in Reception Area

Concrete Floor Design in Reception Area

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, making a good first impression is imperative. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the reception area. When customers walk into your company, you should have a hospitable and welcoming space and someone to greet them with a friendly smile. With a cool concrete design in your Orlando business, you can accomplish that.

Firstly, consider the type of product or service you provide to your customers. For example, if you sell boats, jet skis, or other types of recreational water toys, try to come up with a unique yet relative design. You might go with an ocean blue stained floor with a one-of-a-kind seashell or fish motif in the center. However, if you have a day spa, you might select stamped concrete using two different design elements.

Also, think about the volume of foot traffic. If a lot of people come and go daily, along with a cool concrete design, you need a floor that can withstand a great deal of use and abuse. Epoxy enhanced with some type of aggregate, perhaps colored glass or quartz beads, is an excellent choice. Instead of broadcasting the aggregates randomly, a professional installer can create something extraordinary.

Another important factor is whether the floor in the reception area of your Orlando business experiences scratches, nicks, and stains. For example, spills will happen at a wine or juice bar, and at a service repair center, you can expect for technicians to occasionally drop tools. In this case, a beautiful stained concrete floor is perfect. By opting for an acid-based product, a cool concrete design emerges naturally, as the acid reacts to chemicals in the concrete.

With so many possibilities, you can achieve any look you want. However, for a cool concrete design that looks and functions incredibly well, always have the project completed by a trained installer who uses a top-of-the-line product.

7 Benefits of Using Concrete Overlays in Orlando Pet Stores

Concrete Overlay in Pet Store

Concrete Overlay in Pet Store

Due to the nature of work involved, pet stores in Orlando require the right type of flooring system. If you have floors that look worse for the wear, instead of having them ripped out and reinstalled, consider concrete overlays. Regardless of the option you choose, a high-quality product will hide surface imperfections, enhance the appearance of the floor, and help it last a long time.

  1. Quick Turnaround – With a standard floor, you would have to shut the business down for days or weeks, if not longer. That means finding a place for all the pet supplies and losing out on revenue. Instead, professionals can have concrete overlays installed in Orlando pet stores usually in 2-3 days.
  2. No Mess – Having existing concrete floors torn out is a messy process. With overlays, you avoid not only disruption to your business but also significant dust and debris.
  3. Color Options – Another reason that pet store owners in Orlando prefer concrete overlays is they have a broad range of color options, making this an excellent way to transform a dull space into something spectacular.
  4. Patterns and Textures – Along with color, business owners can have the installer or contractor create a myriad of patterns and textures, as well as one-of-a-kind design elements like paws embedded in the floor.
  5. Cleanup – Pet stores are notorious for needing constant cleaning. With the right flooring solution, all you need to do is sweep as needed and damp mop on occasion.
  6. Durability – With a lot of foot traffic, moving cages around, and animals romping and playing during off-business hours, Orlando pet store owners need what concrete overlays provide. With the right solution, the floors resist moisture, stains, impact, abrasions, and more.
  7. Long Lasting – Instead of worrying about replacing the current floor multiple times over, owners can enjoy a system that provides years of flawless service. Depending on the specific product and overlay selected, some last 30 years or longer.

Important Facts About Interior and Exterior Sealers

Interior and Exterior Sealers

Interior and Exterior Sealers

As the owner of a new or used vehicle, you know waxing helps protect the body from scratches, discoloration, and more. Inside, cloth or leather protector keeps the seats in pristine condition. The same goes for decorative concrete. Once applied, it is essential for the installer to use interior or exterior sealers.

One of the most important things to understand is that not all installers or products are the same. Just as with a decorative concrete coating, you want to hire someone with experience and expertise in working with interior and exterior sealers. That individual should also use the best quality product available. If not applied correctly or if the expert uses the wrong sealer, the surface could prematurely deteriorate or the surface could be ruined.

Also, there are distinct differences between interior and exterior sealers. For instance, the two types include topical acrylic sealers and deep penetrating sealers. While an acrylic product acts similarly to a raincoat in that it provides a water-resistant barrier, a penetrating sealer reacts with chemical compounds in the concrete as it seeps through the pores to become a permanent component within the concrete itself. Because of this, experts often use acrylic for indoor applications and penetrating sealers outdoors, although many acrylic sealers also work outdoors.

However, the location and the look of the concrete plays a role in which type of sealer an installer uses. As an example, if you own a public laundry mat, the risk of sitting water damage is much greater than inside a residential home. In this case, you might want a penetrating sealer that does not scratch or get damaged from dragging equipment and carts on it but yet will keep the moisture from absorbing into the floor.

Something else to note is you need to have realistic expectations. Although you can choose a colored or tinted sealer to enhance the appearance of a driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck, or floor, neither interior or exterior sealers eliminate surface imperfections. Decorative concrete overlays can cover up and mask slight damage, but the sealer alone simply acts as a protective barrier and will not repair or fix damaged concrete.

Whether you have a new concrete surface installed or an existing one enhanced with a decorative concrete overlay, stain, or other finish, the installer’s work is not complete until after applying a sealer that will protect the surface from day to day use as well as make it maintainable as it does wear.

Enhance the Décor of Your Orlando Store With Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Wood effect

Stamped Concrete Wood effect

When people walk into a candle store, they expect two things, a wonderful fragrance and flickering flames. If you own this type of business in Orlando and want to enhance the overall décor, stamped concrete is an excellent option. Although a new flooring system will not do anything to make the store smell better, it will create a unique illusion.

Based on the décor of your candle store, you can select from a broad range of patterns, as well as colors. The great thing about stamped concrete is the finished surface mimics the appearance of other materials, including brick, wood, stone, slate, tile, and more. Then when you consider all the gorgeous color options, you can achieve virtually any look you want.

As a perfect example, if your Orlando store has more of a country or down-home vibe, floors that look like genuine wood are perfect. However, you will have less worry about scratches, dents, and other types of damage as you would with a traditional hardwood floor. Instead, you can keep your new flooring system looking new with regular maintenance, sweeping and damp mopping as needed.

On the other hand, if your Orlando candle store has more of a high-end modern look and feel, you could select stamped concrete that mimics marble. The swirling design alone is gorgeous, but then with lit candles, the flames would reflect off the shiny surface, giving your shop a more sophisticated appeal. Choosing a beautiful brown, red, or even black would make your business stand out.

If your store sits close to the water, you might consider stamped concrete that looks like river rock. Using a smaller cobblestone stamp, a professional installer could create a one-of-a-kind design that your customers won’t forget. Again, you could go with a natural tone or have the surface colored.

Regardless of the stamped concrete design that you select, the floor will last forever once sealed. You can even have the same or a different stamped design applied to walls, countertops, and other surfaces to further enhance your store’s décor

Tired of Boring Concrete Countertops? Create a New Look in Your Orlando Kitchen

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops

Do you feel uninspired in your Orlando kitchen or perhaps embarrassed when people come to visit? If your current concrete countertops look outdated, show signs of wear and tear, or no longer go with the updates you made to the room, why not do something to change their appearance. With the right product installed by a professional, almost anything is possible.

The great thing about concrete countertops is you have an excellent foundation on which to build. As you know, concrete is one of the most durable and longest-lasting materials in existence. If your countertops only have slight surface imperfections, you can have an overlay applied that eliminates the need to tear out the existing slabs for reinstallation.

Although you want new countertops to match the design of your Orlando kitchen, if you plan to sell your house at some point, you might want to keep them relatively neutral. However, if you anticipate living there forever, you have carte blanc to do whatever you want. If you enjoy vibrant colors for a contemporary or eclectic kitchen, a water-based acid stain is perfect.

On the other hand, if you want concrete countertops that look rich and sophisticated, you might consider an acid-based stain. While you would not have as many color options compared to a water-based product, there are still plenty of choices. Also, because the acid penetrates and reacts with chemicals in the concrete, it produces a one-of-a-kind look, meaning no one else has the same design.

Another way to change the appearance of your concrete countertops is by having aggregates or embellishments added to the product. Some of the more common include small pebbles, colored glass, quartz beads, and metallic flakes. However, an expert installer can also incorporate fossils, seashells, and other unique items as a way of customizing your kitchen countertops.

Not only will you enjoy concrete countertops in your Orlando kitchen that look entirely different, but also function better. Some products resist abrasions, stains, heat, and other common issues with other materials used for kitchen countertops.