3E SP E by Ameripolish is an enhanced stain resistor. Formulated to be a breathable semi-penetrating, semi-topical sealer that helps protect surfaces against stains and etching.


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Ameripolish® 3D SP E™ is a breathable semi-penetrating/semi-topical sealer that helps to protect surfaces against stains and etching. 3D SP E™ creates a water-resistant barrier that prevents liquids from infiltrating the surface, protecting against staining and color dispersion. Since
reformulating the original 3D SP formula, 3D SP E has better abrasion and chemical resistance but maintains the same easy application methods you’ve become accustomed to using.

3D SP E Features

  • Ameripolish® 3D SP™ is a semi-penetrating stain protector specifically formulated to protect polished, dyed concrete from oil and water-based stains and acidic etching agents
  • Bonds with the other Ameripolish® components to protect the color in slab
  • RTU = Ready to use
  • UV stabilizers help protect against fading
  • Creates water resistant barrier to prevent staining, and etching, and protects color
  • 3D SP E™ is a color enhancer for polished concrete floors with dye
  • Provides “window of opportunity” to clean up spills before they stain or etch surface
  • Low-odor, non-flammable, VOC compliant (<5g/L)
  • The improved formula provides advanced chemical & abrasion resistance


Ameripolish® 3D SP-E™ is ideal to be used on new or existing polished concrete.

Dilution & Coverage

Ameripolish® 3D SP-E™ is shipped Ready to Use (RTU). On polished concrete floors, 3D SP E™ will cover approximately 2000-2500 sf/gal (49-61 m2/L) for each application, depending on the porosity of the concrete. Test areas to determine appropriate application procedures and adjust application rates.

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