Tips n Tricks for XS Mixes

Summer temps in June will average around 91 degrees. Shop temperatures will be warm, our AC’s will be working hard to lower the humidity. Both situations can make casting concrete challenging. To give yourself more working time with Xtreme Mixes, you should keep your casting materials and tools as cool as possible. Here are some tips:

Mixing Tips

  1. Place products in an area with AC (minimally) the night before.
  2. Refrigerate the XS Modifier
  3. Use ice water (not cubes) for mixing and use a kiddy pool as an ice bath for mixing buckets.
  4. If you have to cast outdoors. Make sure your mixing station and casting table are completely in the shade.

Curling Issues

Curling is a real concern when casting concrete. Make sure to create a visqueen “Tent” over all precast molds. This will increase the humidity and slow the water loss. Ensuring your pieces

Colored Glaze To The Rescue

Dealing with uneven coloration or need to disguise pinhole repairs or imperfections? Colored glaze is an awesome solution. By adding Eco-Stain to XS 327 Sealer, you can create a colored glaze that will modify the concrete’s coloration. This translucent color can be applied in multiple coats.

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