Surelock Dye


Surelock Dye by Ameripolish is a chemically bonding dye for polished concrete. Can be applied by sprayer or mopped on.


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SureLock Dyes formula has recently been updated making them the most vibrant concrete dyes Ameripolish® has ever produced. SureLock Dyes are versatile colorants for polished concrete that mix with water or Ameripolish® ColorSolve™. SureLock Dyes are to be applied just before densifying with 3D HS or HSL, helping the color penetrate and chemically bond to the concrete.

The pre-dissolved concentrate liquid is fast and easy to use. The formula includes UV stabilizers to resist fading as well as a penetrating agent to eliminate further mixing and develop deep, rich colors even on hard, dense concrete.

Surelock Dye Features

  • Mixes with water or Ameripolish® ColorSolve™ and is VOC compliant.
  • Consistent, rich penetrating color with UV stabilizers resist fading.
  • Optionally can be used with 3D line densifiers to chemically bond to the concrete.
  • Liquid concentrate eliminates the 3-hour wait to dissolve dye required by other products.
  • For indoor use only.


Dye Uses

  • Coloring concrete; specially designed for diamond-polished concrete
  • For optimum performance, use Ameripolish® SureLock™ Concrete Dye with Ameripolish® ColorSolve™, Ameripolish® 3D HS Hybrid Silicate Densifier, Ameripolish® 3D SP Stain Protector, and/or Ameripolish® SR² Penetrating Sealer together to lock in colors for longer-lasting protection.
  • Dye concentrate may be diluted in water



Testing | Prior to starting the project apply Ameripolish® SureLock™ Concrete Dye to sample area of each type of concrete to be treated, using application procedures proposed for the project. Confirm that concrete is receptive to dye or dye/densifier combination and that color is acceptable.

Project Conditions | Ambient temperature during application should be 40-100°F (4-38°C).

For SureLock™ System Equipment | Spray apply Ameripolish® SureLock™ Concrete Dye using a low-pressure sprayer with Patriot Gray #8 or a similar conical mist tip with 8.4 gal/hr flow at 40 psi. (31.8 L/hr at 275.8 kPa), and microfiber pad.

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