How Architectural Concrete Products in Orlando Are Revolutionizing Building Design

Sep 9, 2016 | Blog

Architectural Concrete Products

Architectural Concrete Products

Over the past few years, architectural concrete products have started to revolutionize modern building design in Orlando. Known as architectural precast concrete, these products change the build environment. Used in restaurants, retail shops, homes, commercial spaces, and more, these products can offer dramatic results with a range of customizable expressions while being fully functional.

Architectural precast products offer numerous advantages. For instance, the concrete is flexible, extremely durable, and long-lasting. These products are also low maintenance, easy to clean, and even resistant to fire. Because of this, these concrete products can be turned into a broad range of design features that complement different design styles. Although architectural concrete products are already popular in Orlando, they have not yet reached their full potential.

Today, developers of high-rise buildings are vying for much the same client. To attract tenants and buyers, developers are making buildings taller and more elaborate. With architectural concrete products, Orlando developers have an even greater advantage. For residential towers and high-rise offices, these products create a luxurious aesthetic that is appealing to the rich and famous. However, these same products are just as beneficial when used in commercial structures and lower-rise offices where durability is essential.

One of the biggest reasons that architectural concrete products are in such high demand in Orlando is the limitless design potential. When forms are customized, they can be used for creating panels with precise shapes and dimensions. These products add joints, reveals, patterns, and a host of other architectural expressions to the panel surface.

Castable concrete products

Castable concrete products

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Something else to consider is that architectural products in Orlando can be designed with special color effects. This is accomplished by using various aggregates, pigments, and sands. Even textures can be created by using varying levels of sandblasting treatments. For an even more special aesthetic, these products can be enhanced with brick veneers, stone, or tile.

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