Benefits of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

GFRC Concrete Orlando

GFRC Concrete

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, otherwise known as GFRC, is formed by combining specially treated glass fiber that is alkali resistant with cement. GFRC is a very important structural material with applications such as architectural panels, decorative concrete countertops, table tops, vanities and even vertical concrete such as building facades.

While there are many benefits of GFRC, here are the top four!


GFRC is commonly used in concrete countertops, vanities, and table tops as the final product is lighter allowing for ease of installation and manipulation by the fabricators.


GFRC panels are very strong in spite of their lightweight build. They also offer more durability than unreinforced concrete. GFRC can handle seismic and wind loads as they are designed to flex. Single dimension reinforcing makes glass fiber reinforced concrete one of the most durable building materials available.

Ease of Application

No other internal reinforcement is required by GFRC as it is internally reinforced with glass fibers. This makes GFRC easy to mold or to spray onto the surface of any material. The fear of there being a crack, chip, or break is reduced while cutting cured GFRC as this material doesn’t crack easily.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to concrete, GFRC is an environmentally friendly alternative. A significant amount of environmental footprint is produced in cement production as it requires burning an excessive amount of fossil fuels. Since a lot of it is made by using glass fibers, GFRC uses less cement than normal concrete. All these other benefits aside, GFRC is a lot more durable and longer lasting than conventional concrete.

If you’re considering Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, then contact your decorative concrete and building materials supplier in Orlando today.

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