Best Choice in Cast Countertop Material for a Quality Job

As the demand for concrete countertops has increased, concrete contractors have worked to hone the techniques they use for creating beautiful, yet functional designs. The production of concrete countertops typically falls under two approaches: precast and cast-in-place. Many contractors use both approaches based on the specific project. In planning a precast project, it’s important for contractors to ensure they use the best cast countertop materials to ensure a quality job.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, is considered among the best cast countertop materials. One of the reasons that GFRC is preferred for cast countertop materials is that it offers unrivaled flexibility along with a practically unlimited variety of shapes, textures, and colors.

The Benefits of GFRC for Cast Countertop Materials

Compared to many other materials, GFRC is lighter weight, which means it can be cast in far thinner sections. Compared to traditional concrete, GFRC can be up to 75 percent lighter. While glass fiber reinforced concrete is lightweight, it offers high strength. The flexural strength of GFRC can reach up to 4000 psi.

Additionally, this material provides incredible reinforcement. Due to the fact that glass fiber reinforced concrete is reinforced internally, this eliminates the need for any other type of reinforcement. In projects involving complex shapes, it can be difficult to incorporate such reinforcement, so this can be highly beneficial.

GFRC also offers the benefit of not cracking easily. In fact, this material can be cut without worrying about it chipping. Since this material is sprayed on, the surface finish is also of a greater quality. There are no voids. For projects requiring an extremely smooth finish, choosing the best cast countertop materials is essential. GFRC makes it possible to achieve a highly desired smooth surface. Likewise, GFRC is also quite adaptable. Poured or sprayed, this material can adapt to practically any complex shape.

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