Which Is Better: A Wooden or a Concrete Pool Deck?

When creating a pool deck for your Orlando home or business, you want to select a material that will look attractive, be long lasting, and fit your budget. Wood and concrete tend to be two of the most popular options, with wood being more common in areas at least several feet away from the pool. Each material has its own advantages, but if you are looking for something that will but up to the pool edge and surround the water, then a concrete pool deck will most likely be the answer.


Installing a pool deck on any Orlando property can be a significant investment, which is why you want to make sure that the deck lasts for a long time. Wood is a popular choice for decks because when properly cared for, wood is durable. The thing to remember, however, is that if you don’t maintain it properly, the wood will easily change color, crack, or split. Concrete is less likely to split or crack, and it is sturdy enough to resist heavy daily traffic. As a bonus, regular maintenance is incredibly simple, so you don’t have to worry about laziness causing damage to your concrete pool deck.


When it comes to options for your pool deck, wood and concrete will offer a similar number of choices. Wood can come in multiple board lengths and wood types and then can be stained or painted your desired color. Concrete is equally versatile, letting you select any color, texture, stamp, or pattern. In fact, you can actually install a concrete pool deck in Orlando that looks like wood or stone.

Pool-Specific Considerations

Wood decks do have the advantage of easily staying consistent temperature so your feet don’t get cold or hot when walking across them, but they also increase the risk of getting splinters. Concrete decks, on the other hand, offer no chance of getting splinters and depending on the color and surface used, can stay comforting on the feet as well.  In addition, concrete pool decks won’t be damaged by water like wood decks would be and textured options offer slip resistance, making them an overall better option.

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