Butterfield Color Launches New Travertine Texture Mats

Travertine Texture Mat

Travertine Texture Mats

With incredible color and texture options, stamped concrete remains the top choice among home and business owners. If you want to enhance new concrete or change the appearance of an existing surface, Butterfield Color introduced a fantastic solution in the way of texture mats.

You can expect to have a stamped concrete job completed in one to three days, depending on the size of the surface being stamped with texture mats. These mats come in different degrees of flexibility, including rigid, floppy, and flexible, depending on the hardness of the polyurethane material. Because of that, they work incredibly well for a broad range of projects. However, most installers use a combination of rigid and flexible mats for optimal results.

  • Rigid – This firm mat has little  flexibility. In most cases, installers prefer using stiffer texture mats for the entire surface since it leaves an excellent impression, especially for achieving deep patterns.

    Travertine texture mat for stamped concrete

    Travertine texture mats for stamped concrete

  • Semi-Flexible – Because this mat offers a slight level of flex, it conforms and contours beautifully in the concrete. Although used in many areas, this mat is often the preferred choice when working on a driveway apron or sloping surfaces.
  • Floppy – Containing more pliable urethane, the floppy texture mats are roughly 50 percent thinner than rigid mats. As a result, they can bend up to 90 degrees, making them perfect around walls, columns, and corners.

All texture mats sell as individual products rather than sets. Because the surface does not end up with exact replications, it has a more realistic appearance regardless of the chosen pattern. No matter what design you want, the new Butterfield Color mats produce phenomenal results.

With endless possibilities, now the fun part begins: choosing the texture mat that meets your specific criteria. For a driveway, patio, pool deck, interior floor, and a host of other surfaces, these mats have revolutionized decorative concrete.

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