Why the Choice of Concrete Dealers in Orlando Does Matter

Even within a single city, such as Orlando, there are a large number of concrete dealers. While any of these dealers will be able to supply you with the concrete products you need, they will not all be equal. When choosing among the concrete dealers in Orlando, you are looking for more than just which supplier sells a single product at the best price; you need a dealer that you can see yourself building a professional relationship with.

Reliable Quantities

A big reason why you need to pay close attention to your choice of concrete dealers is you need to ensure that they are always able to supply you with the products you need. Some smaller suppliers will only have a few of each item, such as 10 5-gallon pails of Pigmented Sealer and the same number of Dura-Kote Polyurethane 2-gallon kits. While this sometimes may be enough, you need to find a dealer who can handle your needs when a client hires you for a larger project. Otherwise, you will waste time searching for a new supplier.

Large Selection

On a similar note, the best dealers will not only have larger quantities of their products on hand, but also will stock a nice selection of items. Your goal should be to find a supplier who can meet all of your needs. It should have cleaning or repair supplies, such as GlueRemove; stains and sealers, such as EcoStain; supplies for stamping decorative overlays, such as SureStamp; materials for installing polished concrete, such as grinding wheels; stamps for stamped concrete, like those from Butterfield; and any other supplies you can see yourself needing. This will allow you to depend on this supplier for your concrete products and build a business relationship.

Technical Support and Customer Service

Most Orlando contractors think of their relationship with concrete dealers as a simple buy-sell relationship, but the best suppliers will offer even more than this. They will have demonstrations and training to help you learn how to use new products and expand your skill set. They should also have great technical support and customer service.

Affordable Pricing

For many Orlando contractors, one of the most important considerations when looking for concrete dealers is their pricing. As you run a business, you need to minimize your expenses, which is why it makes sense to find a dealer with competitive pricing or one that offers discounts for large orders or repeat customers. At the same time, keep in mind that you should only select the cheaper suppliers if they offer the same products as the more expensive dealers and meet all of your other requirements.

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