Choosing the Right Decorative Concrete Overlay Products in Orlando

Concrete overlays are used throughout the Orlando area for driveways, patios, walkways, and other concrete surfaces. When the right concrete overlay products are used, the surface looks great and provides years of outstanding service. However, if the wrong products are chosen, you will face an array of problems within a very short amount of time.

Top-of-the-Line Company

To find the best concrete products in Orlando, you need to start by working with the best company. For superior products and service, Select Surface Solutions ranks high. We offer superior concrete and concrete products that you can count on 100% of the time.

Whether your client is interested in decorative concrete overlays, patch and repair, stains and colorants, polished concrete, or stamped concrete, Select Surface Solutions offers all the concrete products in Orlando that you will ever need for both installation and repair. Below are four examples of some of our most popular overlay products.

High-Quality Products

  • SureSpray – For resurfacing an old, worn-out, or damaged concrete surface, this thin, zero-VOC, self-bonding, single-component product is perfect. SureSpray applies quickly and easily with a squeegee, trowel, or hopper gun.


  • SureTex – For both interior and exterior use, this thin overlay is formulated to create a slip-resistant texture for areas that collect standing water and get high traffic.
  • SureStamp – You might also consider this product, which is a concrete overlay that can be stamped, making it the ideal solution for resurfacing interior and exterior concrete areas. Among concrete products used in Orlando to create textures that resemble brick, cobblestone, tile, slate, and others, this is an incredible choice.
  • SureBroom – With this commercial-grade overlay, interior and exterior concrete surfaces are leveled and retextured. Once finished, the surface of the concrete has a unique broomed-like texture, which is simply stunning.
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