Concrete Cleaning Supplies

Having the appropriate concrete cleaning supplies is crucial

Making sure your surfaces are cleaned before and after the job can make all the difference in any project. Surface preparation is vital before doing any type of concrete work, including epoxy, overlays, precast, and even repair work. Having the appropriate concrete cleaning supplies can make your cleaning efficient and effective.

We offer concrete cleaning supplies that are specific to concrete surfaces. Our mops and microfiber cloths are engineered for durability, reliability, and reusability. All the products are machine washable and will ensure you have a clean surface to work on and maintain for years to come.

Cleaning Supplies We Offer

Microfiber Cloths: electromagnetic charge attracts dirt, dust, and grime when used wet or dry

Size: 16” x 16”

Relintless Microfiber Wet Mop: microfiber blend picks up smallest particles- great for deep cleaning, won’t shred or lint on abrasive surfaces

Size: 24” & 36”

HD Microfiber Dust Mop: reaches particles traditional mops can’t, fringe edge picks up more dirt

Size: 9”

HD Microfiber Wet Mop: can be used wet, penetrates surface pores to remove particles

Size: “Medium”

No Binding Microfiber Pad: great for wax application, more economical due to no binding edges

Size: 18” & 24”

Concrete Dust Mop: effective against dust on concrete, strong synthetic backing

Size: 24” & 36”

Wall Washer Mop: designed for cleaning high-reach places

Size: 9”

Looped-End Concrete Wet Mop: great for everyday mopping on tough concrete floors

Size: “Large”

Specific Mop Handles: screw into the correct mop head

Squeegee Bucket: bucket holds clean water or water with a solution, and also has a squeegee mechanism on top


Our selection of concrete cleaning supplies competes with big-box retailers to give you the best price around.

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