Concrete Coatings in Orlando Can Help to Extend Flooring Performance

As plenty of Orlando residents already know, you don’t necessarily need to redo your entire floor to get the benefits associated with concrete. Concrete coatings are just as effective at extending the performance of your flooring, whether you are a homeowner with a floor that receives minimal wear or a business owner of a large factory with heavy forklifts in action. Our team at Select Surface Solutions can help you install a brand-new concrete floor. We can add a concrete coating or overlays, such as SureSpray for patios and driveways or SureTex for commercial uses.


Adding concrete coatings to your existing floor will extend their performance by increasing durability. The coating can cover minor imperfections and scratches in an overlay up to an inch thick to bring your floor back up to the maximum performance you experienced when it was new. This process only needs to be done every once in a while because concrete flooring and coatings are so resilient, letting them handle pressure from vehicles and heavy equipment without an issue. Homeowners will appreciate the extended performance of concrete coatings on their pool decks or driveways, as they resist most scratches and stay in top shape.

Minimal Maintenance

Concrete coatings are incredibly easy to maintain, just like other types of concrete. After the installation, our experts from Select Surface Solutions will give you maintenance directions, but you should expect them to be minimal. You will typically be able to clean the coating with just a neutral cleaning agent and water, although the occasional sealing may be necessary. To help the concrete coating maintain its top performance, consider having the contractors install a seal, such as SureSeal Super 20, on your patios, driveways, or even parking garages. With the proper sealer, your concrete coatings will stay in place for years, saving you money while offering excellent performance.

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