Concrete Coatings for Orlando Industrial Businesses

Industrial Coatings in Airplane Hangar

Industrial Coatings in Airplane Hangar

When it comes to industrial concrete coatings for Orlando homes and businesses, the right solution is different from what you would choose for a simple residence vs an industrial application. Because flooring for industrial businesses takes a greater beating than floors in homes do, you need to choose the appropriate product. To ensure that you get exactly what you need, Select Surface Solutions is the place to learn what and when to use specific products.

We offer a wide range of concrete coatings for industrial applications, which are all commercial grade as well as environmentally friendly. You can have complete confidence that the product you purchase will be strong and durable. Among the most popular products is epoxy, an exceptional concrete coating for Orlando industrial businesses.

For outstanding results, Select Surface Solutions has several different epoxy products, including:

  • Dura-Kote Epoxy 100 – This zero-VOC product is a thick-build and high-performance coating. Due to enhanced abrasion resistance, this is a popular product. The product is also formulated to provide colored concrete floors additional protection.
  • Dura-Kote Water Based Epoxy – Regardless of the epoxy flooring system you choose, this product is the perfect primer. As a two-component coating system, it is easy to apply while stopping outgassing.
  • Dura-Kote 100% Solids Pigmented Epoxy – This product is also a high-build and commercial-grade coating. The key benefits of using this superior product in an industrial setting are high chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and increased light reflectivity.

Although there is great demand for quality concrete coatings for Orlando industrial businesses, Select Surface Solutions also offers residential and commercial products. When concrete is properly protected with a coating, it can withstand a tremendous amount of wear and tear over many years. To create an extremely strong and durable surface that also looks great, it is important to choose the right concrete coating from Select Surface Solutions.

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