Which Concrete Coloration Products Are Best for Orlando Projects?

Because decorative concrete coloration continues to be a hot trend for various projects around Florida, a large number of companies claim to have the best products. Because of this, choosing the right concrete coloration products can be challenging. However, once you see what Select Surface Solutions offers, there will be no question that our company has the best concrete coloration products in Orlando.

Obviously, you want only the best products for your clients. After all, your company’s reputation is on the line. By going with any of the products that Select Surface Solutions offers, you will have complete peace of mind.

Top-Rated Products

All of the concrete coloration products mentioned below are of exceptional value from both a financial and performance standpoint.

  • Eco-Stain – Formulated for horizontal and vertical use on concrete surfaces, this stain is water based. Eco-Stain penetrates concrete and is transparent and UV stable. This product is a micronized pigment capable of dispersing into the pores of concrete for a variegated and custom look.  It is perfect when you need fast results and a completely custom design as you can choose from 29 amazing colors to mix and match with.
  • Pigmented Sealer – This is yet another one of the best products for coloring concrete offered by Select Surface Solutions. This 30% solids pigmented acrylic sealer is used to achieve a solid color along with waterproofing to concrete surfaces.  It comes in 30 standard colors and provides a uniform look to any properly prepared concrete surface.

Choosing Only the Best

Many things make Select Surface Solutions stand out from the competition beyond the concrete coloration products. The company has a long list of complementary products, which are all of the highest quality and backed by a solid guarantee. When working with your clients, whether on a residential, commercial, or industrial job, you might also consider a top-of-the-line concrete acrylic sealer or high-traffic/commercial-grade coating.

Since every client will want something unique, it is important to offer variety along with quality. As mentioned, the products offered come in a wide range of colors to satisfy even the most discerning client and unique custom design.

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