Concrete Countertop Mixes: Tips for Making the Right Selection

Concrete countertop mixes

Concrete countertop mixes

The popularity of concrete countertops has skyrocketed. When selecting a professional company to design, create, and install new countertops in your home, it is imperative that it uses one of the best concrete countertop mixes available. That way, you end up with a surface that looks beautiful, lasts forever, and resists a lot of the things that typically damage other materials used for this purpose.

As part of your research, you as the customer have the right to ask about the concrete countertop mixes that the top candidates use. Ultimately, you want to select an expert with years of experience and expertise in mixing the correct ingredients. For instance, depending on the thickness of the pour, a professional may use different sized aggregates. In fact, some add Terrazzo or colored glass aggregates. Grinding helps expose these materials to give your countertops a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Although you could hire a contractor who uses a pre-made mix, if you want spectacular results, it is better to choose an expert qualified to craft concrete countertop mixes. Along with aggregates, this individual can add whatever color or colors you want. The professional installer can also create fantastic design effects using textures and patterns.

The goal with any concrete countertop mixes is to achieve high early strength, which allows the installer to process and finish the work quickly, high flexural strength to help the surface resist cracks, and low shrinkage potential that minimizes curl. Whether you prefer an all-sand mix, one with an aggregate base, a GFRC mix, or a polymer-based mix, the qualities mentioned are vital.

While there are many do-it-yourself concrete countertop mixes available, if you want extraordinary results, this is something best left to a professional. You can discuss the different options for mixes, and based on what you want to achieve, make your choice. Of course, the expert will provide guidance to help you along the way.

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