What Concrete Countertop Mixes Work Best?

Concrete countertop mould waiting for the mix

Concrete countertop mould waiting for the mix

With Concrete countertops now a standard material in kitchens and outdoor living spaces, once you’ve decided to use them for your next project the decision becomes what concrete countertop mixes work best?

Requirements for Countertop Mixes

Along with a superior-quality cement component, countertop mixes must have the appropriate amount of aggregate, polymer, anti foaming agents and various other ingredients.  In addition, the best concrete countertop mixes allow for a range of water inclusion that creates different consistencies. All of these factors play an important role in both the strength and performance of the finished product.  With a proper formula and when mixed correctly, concrete countertop mixes prevent micro-cracks; protects against temperature and humidity change; and resists chemicals, abrasions, impacts, and stains.

Versatility and Design Options

Ultimately, pre-measured bagged mixes will be the first ingredient that results in concrete countertops that are gorgeous to look at, but also offer optimal performance and a long life. When fabricated from the same mix, color, aggregates and water content, the finished project will have a consistent look and can become a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that transforms the appearance of kitchens and outdoor spaces.

Homeowners can also choose from a broad range of colors as well as incorporate embedded items like stones, glass or metal to create a unique custom finish. Thanks to the versatility and unique formula for concrete countertop mixes, virtually any design effect is possible.

Select Surface Solutions provides only top quality pre-measured bagged concrete countertop mixes along with a variety of Pre-Blended GFRC formulas, edge profiles, sink molds, coloring agents and countertop sealers.

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