Concrete Design for the Orlando Hospitality Sector

Hospitality Concrete Wine Wall Orlando

Hospitality Concrete Wine Wall Orlando

One of the great things about working in concrete, from a contractor’s perspective, is that the job never gets boring. You might move from installing an epoxy flooring system for an auto dealership to creating a stamped concrete driveway for an elegant home to pouring concrete countertops for a food preparation facility.

Contractors often tell us that one area where they really get to indulge their passion for concrete design is in the Orlando hospitality sector. Why is that? It’s because there’s so much flexibility. Resort owners, cabin renters, hoteliers, restaurateurs and so on are among the clients most likely to be open to suggestions from contractors, and they all seem to love decorative concrete! That’s probably because the applications are so varied, and it’s so affordable.

With an amazing array of colors, textures and pattern options, almost anything can be constructed that will look great without breaking the bank. Imagine a small seaside resort, for example, consisting of just a main building and some cabins. Each cabin could have its own fire pit, and maybe a couple of seat walls. More seat walls and an outdoor bar at the main building? Maybe some seating and attractive planters by the pool? The owner could add on year after year, and from a tiny resort, perhaps a large one would eventually develop, with water features, koi ponds, outdoor dance floors, spa features… really, the only limitation is the imagination of the contractor and the client.

Decorative concrete design for Orlando hospitality providers is always exciting, because everyone has a different vision. It’s easy for contractors and clients alike to be enthusiastic about planning projects, and there are so many sources for great ideas – magazines, web sites, videos – or you could even just drive around the neighborhood and get inspiration from what others are doing.

Of course, if you’d like a little personal input, you can always get in touch with Select Surface Solutions. We love to talk about concrete design with Orlando contractors! We have tons of ideas, and we’re also the best source in Orlando for concrete supplies and tools. In addition, we pride ourselves on superior customer service with training, demos, on-site technical support, and more. Give us a call today – we’re at (407) 730-3103, and we’d welcome an opportunity to talk concrete!

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