Concrete Repair for Orlando Floors is Essential Before Applying a Coating

Before applying any type of resinous flooring, it’s important that the existing concrete repair be done. If it isn’t, the damage to the existing concrete will reflect through the new finish, for an effect that is undesirable to say the least.

The first step is to determine what caused the damage, and assess how bad it is. Damage can be due to impact, abrasion, wear, or exposure to chemicals. It can also be the result of problems with the original installation – voids, honeycombing, or unsuitable aggregates. Once the assessment has been made, the bad concrete has to be broken out to expose the voids or honeycombing. Then, cracks and damaged joints need to be treated in order to ensure that there won’t be any further cracking, or contamination below the coating.

Cracks filled

Cracks filled

How the repairs will be done will depend on several factors, including:

  • The purpose of the new floor
  • The type of floor that will be installed
  • Environmental conditions
  • Time available

If time isn’t a huge factor, concrete repair for Orlando floors can be done with cement based patch. It’s important to ensure that there’s enough time for the cement to cure before installing the new resin floor – usually seven days at least. Quick-hardening cement could be used if seven days curing time isn’t practical, but the results may not be as good. Epoxy resin mortars can cut the time down even more – the job can be completed in a day, but it will drive the cost up considerably depending on the amount of repair required.

Contractors doing concrete repair in Orlando should treat any cracks that might incur future movement as they would joints, cutting them square and bringing them through the floor finish, and finally sealing with floor joint sealant. Non-moving cracks can be sealed prior to applying the resin. Methods and materials will depend on the size of the crack, but most likely it will be necessary to open the cracks surface in order to remove loose materials. Then, a fine epoxy mortar can be used to inject in or surface-seal the cracks.

The importance of repairing the original concrete properly before installing the new resin flooring system can’t be overstated. Any damage or defects that are left untreated are inevitably going to result in a poor final finish, so take the time to correct any problems in the original floor. As we’ve stated, there are ways to shorten the time needed for repairs (although also increasing the expense), but they must be done.

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