Concrete Repair Tips in Orlando

Concrete driveways are popular in Orlando, Florida. Although this material provides years of unrivaled service, eventually, repairs are needed. As a contractor, you have the responsibility of choosing the right method of concrete repair and the best products for the job. Select Surface Solutions offers a number of products formulated specifically for concrete repair in Orlando.

For instance, SureSpray is a thin self-bonding, single-component, and zero-VOC overlay developed to transform damaged, old, or non-aesthetically pleasing concrete driveways and other concrete surfaces, such as walkways, pool decks, and patios. You simply apply the product using a hopper gun, trowel, or squeegee.  Colors and finishes can be easily added to enhance the look  and appearance of the complete system.

Helpful Repair Tips

Common issues pertaining to concrete repair in Orlando have to do with cracks. If caught and fixed early, cracks are not much of a challenge; otherwise, they must be tackled by a true professional. Some helpful tips for making repairs to cracks are listed below.

  • Using a wire brush, cracks should be properly cleaned out, and prepped for repair.
  • From there, the chosen product from Select Surface Solutions is applied according to the provided instructions.
  • After applying the material into the crack, it will need to be smoothed out so it perfectly matches the existing contours of the existing surface of the driveway.
  • With a damp cloth, smooth over the edges for blending purposes.

The Final Touch

Once the concrete crack repair has been done, a final touch can be added to the driveway by using a Select Surface Solutions product called SureTex. This commercial-grade overlay is thin and used to make the surface of a concrete driveway slip-resistant through the type of textures it creates. This product adds a layer of protection and is ideal for areas where the driveway merges into a patio or walkway, as well as areas notorious for collecting standing water. Select Surface Solutions also has other concrete repair and resurfacing products to suit any project or requirement.

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