Concrete Resurfacing Is a Top Solution for the Exterior of Orlando Restaurants

Concrete resurfacing on a restaurant patio

Concrete resurfacing on a restaurant patio

Making a good first impression is always important, especially when it comes to restaurants in Orlando. If people drive up to a restaurant and see an exterior that looks rough and old, more than likely, they will continue on to a different establishment. Whether dealing with an outdoor patio, porch, walkway, or an outside eating area, concrete resurfacing is an excellent solution for turning an unsightly restaurant exterior into something beautiful and inviting.

Using a decorative concrete overlay, also referred to as a concrete topping, it is possible to achieve virtually any look or style. That means that the owner gets to choose a new surface that perfectly coordinates with the type and style of the restaurant. The new surface will complement and enhance any restaurant, regardless if it offers a fine dining experience, has a more casual theme, or focuses on families by using bright and bold colors.

Instead of having a concrete surface completely ripped out, followed by a new one being installed, concrete resurfacing for Orlando restaurants is a much better solution. For one thing, there is less mess. Obviously, seeing old concrete piled up in front of the establishment would be a huge turn-off for patrons. In fact, depending on the installation, a new concrete slab could temporarily shut a business down. With concrete resurfacing, a restaurants can continue virtually normal operations as an overlay can be installed in under 2 days if necessary and can be installed during off hours and days that the restaurant is normally closed.

Obviously, major cracks and pits would have to be repaired prior to concrete resurfacing. However, if the existing surface only has small imperfections, a decorative overlay covers and hides them. This makes this an ideal product for old worn out slabs.  Then, considering that Orlando restaurant owners have such a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns to select from, resurfacing makes far more sense than the removal of existing concrete.

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