What Contractors Need to Know about Buying Concrete Products in Orlando

As a contractor, it is important to take pride in your work and ensure that you install the best possible concrete systems for each project. To do this, you need to know everything about the concrete you are purchasing, from how to apply to it where it can be used. To ensure strong, durable installation that looks great, you need to know a few things about buying concrete products in Orlando.

The Amount to Buy

One of the first things you need should know about concrete products is the amount that you need. Look at the specification sheet for the particular product you buy to see how much area it will cover. Then do some simple math, dividing the total area to be covered by this number. SureSpray, for example, has a coverage rate of 175 square feet for each 50-pound bag. Remember that you don’t want to buy too much of the concrete product, as this will cost you extra money you won’t get back from your client. Sometimes, however, it may be cheaper to buy extra if there is a larger package available for a discount and have small stock for the next job.

Check for Compatibility

You also need to be sure that whatever concrete product you are buying is compatible with the other products in the system and is a good product for the surface you are applying it to. It is possible, for example, for a sealer to negatively react with a coloring agent, so if you plan on using an Eco-Stain, be sure it is compatible with the rest of your system.

Conditions in Installation Location

A final thing all Orlando contractors must consider when selecting concrete products is where the product will be installed. Certain products, for example, may not be recommended for indoor or outdoor use. It is also important to consider the installation location due to the conditions there. If, for example, you are installing stamped concrete with Butterfield stamps on a driveway, you should ensure that the sealer you pick will prevent water penetration and be specified for use in an exterior environment.

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