Create a Romantic Area in Your Orlando Backyard with These 4 Decorative Concrete Solutions

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Do you wish the backyard at your Orlando home looked different from all your neighbors? Are you looking for a way to make it more romantic? If you answered yes, you are in luck. Although there are more than four decorative concrete solutions, the following accomplish both goals.

  1. Patio Transformation – Snuggling up on comfortable patio furniture on a crisp fall evening is about as romantic as it gets. However, you can enhance the moment by changing multiple surfaces. In addition to beautiful stamped flooring that mimics natural wood, brick, or stone, you could modify the appearance of the fireplace surrounds, wall, and more. For an even more romantic look and feel, consider mixing designs.
  2. Swimming Pool Seating – Sitting by the pool with the moon reflecting off the water is also romantic. Instead of sitting directly poolside, consider having a special seating area added. Then using an acid stain or again, a stamped design, create a gorgeous flooring surface with a built-in fire pit enhanced with decorative concrete.
  3. Backyard Gazebo – You can even change the look of a gazebo. Depending on the surface material, a professional installer would determine the right solution. Keep in mind that some decorative concrete products work on brick, stone, drywall, stucco, and other materials, as well.
  4. Hot Tub Haven – If you have a hot tub and no swimming pool, make that the focal point of the backyard. Rather than just an ordinary area, create a romantic aura by having seats added on the outside. After spending time in the warm water, you and your partner can then wrap up in a cozy blanket, lie back on a beautiful decorative concrete surface, and stargaze.

What makes decorative concrete so amazing is that it can create any vibe that you want. Along with romantic, you can use different colors, textures, and patterns to make your backyard modern, vibrant, or even eclectic.

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