Enhance the Décor of Your Orlando Store With Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Wood effect

Stamped Concrete Wood effect

When people walk into a candle store, they expect two things, a wonderful fragrance and flickering flames. If you own this type of business in Orlando and want to enhance the overall décor, stamped concrete is an excellent option. Although a new flooring system will not do anything to make the store smell better, it will create a unique illusion.

Based on the décor of your candle store, you can select from a broad range of patterns, as well as colors. The great thing about stamped concrete is the finished surface mimics the appearance of other materials, including brick, wood, stone, slate, tile, and more. Then when you consider all the gorgeous color options, you can achieve virtually any look you want.

As a perfect example, if your Orlando store has more of a country or down-home vibe, floors that look like genuine wood are perfect. However, you will have less worry about scratches, dents, and other types of damage as you would with a traditional hardwood floor. Instead, you can keep your new flooring system looking new with regular maintenance, sweeping and damp mopping as needed.

On the other hand, if your Orlando candle store has more of a high-end modern look and feel, you could select stamped concrete that mimics marble. The swirling design alone is gorgeous, but then with lit candles, the flames would reflect off the shiny surface, giving your shop a more sophisticated appeal. Choosing a beautiful brown, red, or even black would make your business stand out.

If your store sits close to the water, you might consider stamped concrete that looks like river rock. Using a smaller cobblestone stamp, a professional installer could create a one-of-a-kind design that your customers won’t forget. Again, you could go with a natural tone or have the surface colored.

Regardless of the stamped concrete design that you select, the floor will last forever once sealed. You can even have the same or a different stamped design applied to walls, countertops, and other surfaces to further enhance your store’s décor

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