Epoxy Flooring Helps Improve Safety and Productivity at Orlando Distribution Centers

As you can imagine, there is a tremendous amount of movement inside distribution centers in Orlando. This type of warehouse is used to store virtually every type of product imaginable, including appliances, electronics, building materials, products for retail stores, and the list goes on. A distribution center is the foundation of a huge supply chain. Depending on the size of the warehouse and the goods that it houses, there could be anywhere from five to twenty or more truck unloads per day.

Epoxy Floors are a perfect choice for  Distribution Centers

Epoxy Floors are a perfect choice for Distribution Centers

For any Orlando distribution center, two things are critical: productivity and safety. To accommodate both, not only does the warehouse have to be well-organized, there must be strict policies in place. However, the flooring system is equally important. This is why many distribution centers rely on epoxy flooring to boost productivity and enhance safety.

For one thing, epoxy floors are comfortable to walk on, and with a smooth surface, people have an easier time getting around. This has a huge impact on productivity but also safety. Something else to consider is that some epoxy floors have a non-slip surface. As a result, this flooring system is much safer for everyone, including workers, bosses, and even outside visitors.

Even messes are easy to clean. Because epoxy floors are highly resistant to grease, oil, chemicals, and various liquid spills, cleanup is done simply by wiping the area clean. This means there is less downtime in trying to clean messes, but also any risk of falling or slipping is eliminated.

In addition to epoxy floors being beneficial for Orlando distribution centers in relation to productivity and safety, there is another aspect to consider. Often, when people perform mundane tasks, such as picking orders or loading trucks, it can be difficult to stay motivated. To increase employee morale, a professional installer can add a small or large volume of metallic flakes that make the look of the floor more enjoyable.

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