Exploring the World of Colored Concrete in Orlando

Colored concrete is one of the hottest construction trends for indoor and outdoor projects in Orlando. If you are interested in something new and exciting that involves color, texture, shapes, and incredible designs, turn to the professionals at Select Surface Solutions for ideas and hot products!

Beautiful Color

Colored concrete products are among the most in-demand products offered by Select Surface Solutions. For any vertical or horizontal surface, color breathes new life into concrete. However, it is important to choose the right method based on the look and concrete you are working with.

  • Integral Color – Integrally colored concrete involves blending liquid or powdered iron oxide pigments and then adding it to a mixed or pre-bagged cement product. The color is blended into the entire batch of concrete and a natural coloration appears on the surface of the concrete after curing.
  • Acid Staining – Colored concrete is also achieved with acid staining. Select Surface Solutions carries acid stain, which allows for elaborate designs. This amazing liquid chemical product permanently adds color and etches into the concrete. Rather than covering the concrete with an opaque coating, an acid stain is translucent and is a unique solution consisting of acid, water, and metallic salts; when applied to concrete, it combines and interacts with minerals. The result is a beautiful marbled/mottled aesthetic.
  • Dry Shake – Dry shake floor color hardeners are also used to color concrete. Because this method is the most uniform and toughest on new concrete slabs being poured, it has become a top choice for Orlando flooring. For stunning customized results, this method of creating colored concrete should only be performed by a trained professional. The experts at Select Surface Solutions can offer recommendations; you can also benefit from the “How To” information and videos section on our website or ask to be referred to one of our many local concrete contractors we recommend.
  • Dyed Concrete – For versatility, ease of use, and outstanding results, concrete can also be surface dyed. Since dye is translucent as it penetrates the concrete it leaves the natural mottling and tones on the concrete apparent.  Dyes are available in both water and solvent bases and come in virtually any color you can imagine.
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