How to Find a Qualified Epoxy Installer

Just about any concrete floor in Orlando can be made stronger by coating it with an epoxy. This coating system forms a virtually impenetrable seal that keeps water and other chemicals from slowly eating away at your concrete floor. Epoxy is also resistant to impact, extreme amounts of weight (think large vehicles and machines), excessive foot or tire traffic and even threats like fire. On top of all this, when you consider things like color flake epoxy, Orlando homes and business can have their floors looking beautiful, as well.

Ask for References
No matter what kind of contractor you’re looking for, you always want to make sure they provide you with references before moving forward with considering their services. Aside from those listed above, one of the many reasons people favor epoxy flooring is how easy it is to apply. However, this can fool many into thinking that installing color flake epoxy in Orlando is a simple process that doesn’t need a lot of experience.
Learning to work with epoxy and its nuances still takes a lot of times, so don’t go hiring anyone until they’ve proven they’ve done this numerous times before and are willing to show off the proof.

Research Their Products
While experience is important, no amount of it will be able to make up for using substandard products in your home or business. Quite a large number of manufacturers produce color flake epoxy for Orlando Florida markets, as well as other products essential to the process.
Some of the best options on the market right now come from SureCrete Design Products. However, with so many manufacturers out there, it’s worth looking into any others a potential contractor may mention before dismissing it completely. Again, though, don’t underestimate how important the right products are to a proper installation and a long lasting solution.

Get a Quote Upfront
There’s no doubt that applying an epoxy floor coating takes a lot of talent. It’s also true that the exact method an installer chooses will have a lot to do with your particular room.
Despite these various factors, you should still feel entitled to a free quote from a potential contractor before proceeding. Whether you want color flake epoxy in Orlando or a more basic application, don’t proceed until you have a breakdown of how much it will cost in writing and exactly what is included in the price.

Always Ask for a Guarantee

Just like anything else you pay for, you’ll be more confident in the results if you know they come with a guarantee. Color flake epoxy in Orlando and other versions are no different. Most people are surprised to find how affordable this incredible application can be, but you should always look into a guarantee, as well. Ideally, you want the specifics of the installation guaranteed and some kind of warranty for how long the installer ensures it will last.
Having epoxy installed in your home or business is a great investment in keeping your concrete floor safe. With the addition of color flakes, it can also be a great way of ensuring impressive aesthetics. Before you hire a contractor, though, make sure you cover the above bases.

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