Is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Right for Your Clients?

As a professional concrete contractor, you naturally want to provide the best products and designs possible for your clients. Glass fiber reinforced concrete, sometimes referred to as GFRC, could be the right solution for your clients’ needs. As a specialized type of concrete, glass fiber reinforced concrete provides a number of benefits and can be used in many different applications. For instance, GFRC can be used to create fireplace surrounds, wall facades, concrete countertops, tabletops, and even vanity tops. One of the reasons that GFRC is an ideal option for so many different types of projects is the fact that it offers incredible tensile strength as well as many distinctive properties.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is created by combining a mix of cement, sand, chemical modifier, and alkali-resistant glass fibers. Although there are various mix designs available, almost all share similarities in terms of ingredients.

Benefits of Glass Reinforced Concrete

GFRC offers a number of important benefits for your clients, including the following:

Opportunity to Build Lightweight Panels: While glass fiber reinforced concrete offers a density that is similar to that of traditional concrete, it can be produced in a manner that is far thinner than typical concrete. This makes the resulting panels far lighter, which is ideal for many projects, including countertops, wall panels and fireplace surrounds.

High Tensile Strength: Thanks to the presence of glass fibers in GFRC, it offers incredible tensile strength. At the same time, the polymer content of glass reinforced concrete allows it to be resistant to cracking and extremely flexible.

Designs: As is the case with traditional concrete, glass reinforced concrete is also able to accommodate numerous artistic embellishments, including dying, acid staining, polishing, stenciling, and etching. If your client is interested in a lightweight option that offers the opportunity to imitate more expensive designs, such as marble or natural stone, glass reinforced concrete could be the ideal choice.

Select Surface Solutions offers pre-blended GFRC mix from SureCrete.  This mixture requires the addition of specialized chemical modifier.

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