A Great Choice for Commercial Flooring in Orlando

Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Commercial establishments demand a lot from their flooring. Warehouses, factories, storage facilities, department stores, auto dealer showrooms, and many other establishments put their floors through a lot of abuse. For example, a concrete warehouse floor may experience forklift and pallet jack traffic. This type of traffic can cause the concrete to wear quickly, resulting in premature floor repairs or replacement. Fortunately, there is a popular type of commercial flooring in Orlando that can combat the effects of heavy traffic and abuse so that flooring lasts longer. That flooring type is polished concrete.

Commercial Flooring in Orlando That Lasts

Select Surface Solutions has seen a rise in the number of requests for polished concrete. Aesthetically, it adds to the appearance of a room or work area. Environmentally, a high-gloss polished concrete floor can reduce the need for full overhead lighting because natural and artificial light is reflected. Furthermore, new installation technology makes polished concrete more desirable because the speed in which it is installed reduces expensive downtime. Best of all, polished concrete lasts longer than simple exposed concrete. By opting to have the concrete floor polished, the life of the concrete is extended. Even if the concrete floor to be polished has damage, it only needs to be repaired then polished.

A Low-Maintenance Option That Saves Time and Resources

Another aspect of concrete polishing that makes it the desired choice for commercial flooring in Orlando is that it requires little maintenance. This stain- and scratch-resistant flooring option doesn’t require extensive cleaning. That means there may be no need for heavy cleaning machines and abrasive chemicals. The business is also able to focus more on production and less on facility maintenance, which is just one more reason why this VOC-free flooring option is popular in Orlando.

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