How Vertical Concrete Coatings Can Enhance an Orlando Residence

Vertical Concrete Coatings

Vertical Concrete Coatings

Like many people, you might think that decorative concrete is only for horizontal surfaces, including floors, patios, pool decks, and driveways. However, there are also vertical concrete coatings that can transform the appearance of multiple surfaces inside and outside of your Orlando home.

Using the right vertical concrete coatings, a professional installer or contractor can update your home to look however you want. Following are some examples of these transformations.

  • Step Fronts – Whether you have steps leading from one area to another outside or a staircase going from the foyer to the upstairs bedrooms in your home, you can create something unique using decorative coatings. You can go with a single color, texture, or pattern, or you can mix and match.
  • Fireplace Surrounds – Vertical concrete coatings can also change the appearance of a fireplace in your indoor or outdoor kitchen or hearth room. Instead of ordinary dated surrounds that do nothing to enhance the fireplace, the right coatings will give it beautiful character. With so many possibilities, you can create a fireplace that looks elegant and sophisticated, fun and whimsical, or warm and inviting.
  • Retaining Walls – Although a necessity, retaining walls are usually an eyesore. Even when you plant bushes and flowers, they stick out, taking away from the beauty of an Orlando backyard. If you have one or more retaining walls on your property, consider vertical concrete coatings. For instance, if you want the walls to look like genuine rock, wood, or brick, stamped vertical concrete is the perfect solution.
  • Water Features – For an indoor or outdoor fountain, change dull gray concrete into a gorgeous masterpiece. A transformed water feature outside your front door will enhance the curb appeal.

For these and other surfaces, vertical concrete coatings take something ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. As you look around your Orlando residence, identify some of the surfaces that you want to be changed.

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