Improving the Durability and Beauty of Your Floors with Decorative Concrete Coatings

As a contractor, you strive to provide your Florida clients with the best possible products and services, including items that will stand the test of time. Decorative concrete coatings are one of the best options, as they are incredibly durable and can be customized to enhance the beauty of any Orlando home or business, regardless of its style, color scheme, or overall theme.

Adds Protection and Resilience

Decorative concrete coatings are made from raw materials that have been researched, tested, and are compatible with the substrate they are meant to coat over. This means that they provide you with the resilience of a sturdy cement floor. In fact, by applying a concrete coating to your client’s existing cement floor, you can add several years to its life as the coating will add resilience and protect the surface. The surface is able to withstand Florida heat, rainstorms, and other weather conditions and is even sturdy enough for use in a warehouse or business space with constant foot traffic.

Customize the Aesthetics

In addition to adding durability to your client’s space, decorative concrete overlay coatings, such as SureStamp from Select Surface Solutions, can add to the overall beauty of the area. The wide range of decorative options allows you to offer each customer a design that meets his or her specific needs, whether it is a floral pattern or an overlay that resembles brick or cobblestone. You can even offer to dye or stain the new concrete surface so its color complements the rest of the room or outdoor area.

Other Benefits

While most Orlando contractors recommend decorative concrete coatings for their durability and beauty, there is also a wide range of other benefits associated with these surfaces. The range of available patterns, stamps, and colors makes this type of flooring incredibly versatile; it can be used for a deck, patio, pool deck, walkway, driveway, floor, countertop, or in any other area where a solid, sturdy surface is necessary. It is also very easy for your clients to maintain due to being formed from a solid unit.


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