Incredible Opportunities Using Vertical Concrete Coatings in Orlando

Like most people, you probably think of countertops, floors, driveways, patios, and walkways when it comes to concrete coatings. Although horizontal applications are in high demand, so are vertical applications. In fact, vertical concrete coatings are a hot trend with no end in sight.

Vertical concrete

Vertical concrete

A professional installer can transform both horizontal and vertical surfaces at your Orlando home, completely transforming a space. Not only does the surface provide a beautiful look, it also becomes more functional. To get an idea as to the options that you have for vertical concrete coatings, consider the following.

  • Walls – Whether you choose decorative concrete for a partial or full wall, you will be amazed at the change. With so many textures, patterns, colors, and other options, you have the opportunity for a subtle or elaborate transformation. For instance, if you have an elegant formal dining room, you can have a concrete coating on the main wall, complemented by painted walls in a coordinating color. Stamped concrete is an excellent consideration.
  • Steps – For indoor or outdoor steps, you could have the top surface painted and then a decorative concrete overlay applied to the front portion. For a unique aesthetic, the installer can apply different decorative concrete overlays on each step.
  • Fireplace Surrounds – Regardless of the material of your fireplace, an excellent way to update its appearance is with a decorative concrete coating. When applied to just the surrounds, you end up with a magnificent showpiece unlike what anyone else has in their homes.
  • Pillars – To give your home more curb appeal, you might also consider having vertical concrete overlays applied to outside pillars. The type of coating and color you choose would enhance the front entryway, helping your home stand out beautifully.
  • Pool Ledges – If you have a swimming pool in the backyard of your Orlando home that features ledges, these too can be enhanced with decorative coatings.
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