Invigorate Your Existing Floors with Concrete Stain

Have you noticed that your existing concrete floor is looking a bit dull? Or, perhaps you want to expand your design options. Whatever the case may be, concrete stain can be a great way to broaden your horizons and invigorate your existing flooring.

Acid stained concrete floor in Orlando

Acid stained concrete floor in Orlando FL

At Select Surface Solutions, we specialize in providing contractors and homeowners with the supplies they need to bring new life to concrete flooring. Among the most popular options are our acid stain products for concrete floors. These water-based solutions feature metallic salts that react with the lime present in concrete to create a beautiful, striking color deposits. If you’re considering acid staining for an upcoming project, you should be aware that it is permanent. The chemical reaction causing the resulting color will not peel off or chip in the way that paint would. Consequently, you can enjoy a beautiful floor for many years to come.

The goal of acid stain for concrete floors is to enhance the look of the existing concrete. This does mean that if there are any stains, cracks, or other blemishes present in the concrete, the acid stain will not hide them. This could actually accentuate the design, however. If you’re looking for a flawless floor, cement overlay may be a good option for creating a fresh base with which to color.

Be aware that acid stain should not be applied to concrete floors until they have been allowed to cure for a minimum of 30 days. So, if you are planning to apply stain to a new concrete floor, remember to include curing time in your design timeline.

We do advise when using concrete stain for your floor that you protect it with a sealer. If you are concerned about safety, anti-slip additives for sealers are also available.

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