Leaving a Lasting Impression in Your Landscape with Decorative Concrete

When many people think of designing their landscape, they focus on the green elements, such as flowers and trees. In reality, the pathways can play a key role in any landscape design, as can other concrete features, like fountains. If a client talks to you about adding something to their landscape, suggest decorative concrete, as it will not be prone to damage over time or due to weather conditions. Instead, it will stand the test of time, letting at least one element of the landscape create a lasting impression.

Reasons to Select Decorative Concrete

The modern decorative concrete seen in Orlando has its roots all the way back in the Roman era around 300 B.C., proving that this idea is effective enough to last. There have been numerous improvements to cement since the Roman times, and today you can offer your client decorative concrete in a range of colors, patterns, designs, and more. They have the option of stamps, stencils, stains, saw cut, and even choices that resemble natural stone.

If your clients are debating between decorative concrete and some other material for the surfaces of their Orlando landscaping project, remind them that concrete will be cost effective, be easy to maintain, and resist the weather. The surface will be easy to install and last a long time. As it is typically made from a single piece, there are no nooks and crannies to clean, like with a traditional stone walkway.

Great for Pedestrian Areas

Elements can seamlessly complement any landscape with decorative concrete by appearing as part of fountains, wall art, floors, benches, tabletops, or more. One of the absolute best uses, however, is as a pedestrian walkway, and that is just as true of landscaping in public areas as it is for residential properties. Cement has been the material of choice for public sidewalks for decades, and for good reason; it is durable and affordable, requires little maintenance, and is easy to install and repair. Even factoring in decorative elements, all of these advantages remain applicable.

Using decorative concrete materials from Select Surface Solutions provides you with options that can withstand the traffic of thousands of pedestrians, including those on bicycles or skateboards. Hotels, for example, frequently add SureTex to their landscape as a way of ensuring the walkways are slip resistant. SureStamp, on the other hand, provides business and property owners alike with the ability to create any design they want on their decorative concrete.

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