Concrete Deterioration and Repair in Orlando

Fixing a damaged concrete slab

Fixing concrete deterioration by applying a coating

Because of the high humidity, sun exposure, salty air and moisture in the ground in Orlando, you can expect that your concrete may show signs of early deterioration; quicker than in other regions of the country.  Orlando concrete has unique requirements for maintenance, upkeep and repair. A great option for repairing a concrete surface that needs deep patching is Deep Level from Select Surface Solutions. To prepare,  fill cracks and smooth out a concrete surface for an overlay  “Fast setting thin concrete patch repair” by Surecrete works great.

High Humidity Problems

Orlando’s high humidity leads to a greater need for concrete repair. Specific to decorative concrete, three potential issues arise having to do with moisture and seepage. First, if a slab with a significant amount of moisture is acid stained, in particular when using copper salts, you can expect discoloration or blackening. Second, when water vapor seeps from a concrete slab, it often condenses into water and leaches calcium hydroxide, causing white efflorescence on the surface and often increasing pH levels. Third, when moisture moves through the slab, it can cause pressure at the surface, the coating or overlay can bubble or delaminate.  These can all be addressed with proper surface preparations and quality coatings.

Concrete Repair in Orlando Due to Cracks

A common reason for needing to repair concrete in Orlando has to do cracks, which is caused by a number of things:

  • Overloading – Estimated and calculated load capabilities of concrete are pushed beyond their limit, causing damage or failure.
  • Corrosion – Typically, the pH level in concrete is high, allowing ferric oxide to form around steel rebar reinforcement without the risk of corrosion. However, chloride and carbonation penetration reduces the pH level, increasing the risk of rust leading to cracks.
  • Alkali-Aggregate Reaction – Also known as AAR, this is a chemical reaction within the concrete mix itself.
  • Shrinkage – Shrinkage also leads to damaged concrete. These cracks occur anytime during concrete’s lifecycle and for different reasons, including settlement shrinkage immediately after pouring, construction movement, and drying. Volume, chemical, or temperature changes once concrete has hardened are other reasons for shrinkage.

For a complete line of concrete repair and patch materials please contact us today, and we will get your concrete looking and performing its best.

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