To rent or to buy concrete stamps?

So you have decided that after all the research and reading that stamped concrete is the choice for your new patio.  Well done!  Now the real work begins.  When deciding on stamped concrete you must now decide if this is a one time project or an ongoing affair.  You see once you see the beauty and possibilities that are available in stamped concrete you may just want to keep on going.  Either the continuation of stamped concrete around your own property or perhaps doing it as a business.

Stamped concrete mats are necessary to embed or impress a pattern or design into freshly placed concrete.  The rubber mats are available in many shapes and patterns.  There are however more popular choices like flagstone, random slate and cobblestone.  When choosing whether or not you will be buying or renting the mats it really comes down to dollars and cents along with convenience.  By renting mats through Select Surface Solutions out of Orland, FL you can be assured to best quality mats at a very fair price.   This does however work for someone doing a one time project and then never again needing the mats.  But for someone who is planning on getting into the industry and making money doing it, you will probably want to purchase a few sets of rubber concrete stamp mats.  Having these mats at your disposal is necessary when you may need them in a jiffy or on a Sunday when stores are closed.

Good stamp mats will last a long, long time.  If you purchase mats you can easily pay for them after your first installation.  If you choose to rent you will want to work efficiently so that you can save as many days on the rental as possible and plan  to return them clean and undamaged.

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