Repairing a Pitted Garage Floor with Concrete Floor Repair in Orlando

Concrete floor repair in Orlando has numerous applications, from fixing pitted garage floors to resurfacing warehouse flooring to replacing severely damaged driveways. It is common for homeowners to hire a contractor to repair their garage floors to eliminate the pits, chips, cracks, stains or other damage. Applying a resurfacing product, like Deep Level, is easy for a contractor with experience and will provide results that last.

What to Expect

Before you begin, make sure that your Orlando client knows what to expect from the concrete floor repair. The process should take you around a day, and your client should take the time to clear out the garage ahead of time. You will ideally want to repair the floor when the temperature is around 60 degrees so there is no worry about warm weather rushing you by speeding up the drying time.

Get the Right Supplies

You will need to gather all of your supplies, such as the mixing equipment, protective gear, plastic sheeting, pressure washer or other surface prep method, and broom to name a few. Pick a concrete cleaner, such as SCR, to prepare the surface.

Surface Preparation

Before you start the actual process of concrete floor repair in Orlando, you need to ensure that the substrate is clean and prepared properly. The product manufacturer will always have clear instructions on how to prep the surface, and a good concrete materials supplier will offer technical support when needed for the products they sell.

Apply the Repair Material

Finally, you are ready to repair the concrete surface of the garage. Install the product as per instructions, and ensure you have enough installers on the job to ensure steps do not get missed and the flow of installation is not interrupted. At the end, remind your client how long he or she needs to leave the garage floor alone so the product has fully cured.

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