Resurfacing Commercial Flooring in Orlando

Commercial Floor Space

Commercial Floor Space in a Museum

When trying to restore a commercial floor surface through concrete resurfacing, one of the most important things to consider is the quality of the existing concrete slab. If the concrete is new or has minor wear, then resurfacing is an easy way to add a refreshing look to any space. However, if the concrete already has major cracks and obvious settling issues, then just resurfacing it might not be quite as easy nor a good long term solution.

Before resurfacing concrete became a trend, the usual protocol for damaged and discolored concrete included a complete overhaul. It involved removing the entire floor and replacing it with a new layer. Concrete resurfacing changes the entire game, saving resources and time compared to total replacement. It also eliminates such problems as old concrete disposal.

The concept of concrete resurfacing allows people to get creative with the style that they want to apply because of the wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. The design of the floor can be adjusted to fit the purpose of an area so every space can have a unique feel. In a commercial building, concrete can be used in lobbies, walkways, common areas and eating areas.  Decorative concrete allows you to have a color scheme that matches the rest of the building, yet can include customized patterns or textures.  Some products used for resurfacing concrete include stamped overlays, micro-toppings, stenciled overlays and epoxy coatings.

Depending on the overall appearance and durability requirements of the floor surface one system might be chosen over the others.  For example an epoxy floor system will handle chemicals and spills easily but a microtopping can provide a more natural look depending on what you are looking for.

Select Surface Solutions offers resurfacing products, including SureStamp, a stampable overlay that is perfect for resurfacing both indoor and outdoor spaces. We also can connect you with a qualified Orlando contractor who can upgrade the aesthetic of your commercial flooring.


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