How SCOFIELD Revive Exterior Concrete Stain Works on Orlando Concrete

Concrete stain orlando

Concrete stain Orlando- Revive by Scofield

When you want your exterior concrete to have new color, you want a concrete stain that Orlando weather can’t even infiltrate. You need something that is going to stand up to the wear and tear, UV rays, and everything that can be thrown at it. SCOFIELD Revive Concrete Stain is a superior VOC-compliant product that is ideal for adding new color to concrete. It can also be used to renew the color uniformity of concrete that was previously colored. Patches can be concealed and repairs can be hidden.

How SCOFIELD Revive Works

Rather than just coloring the concrete on the surface, SCOFIELD Revive penetrates the concrete. It reacts with the concrete so that it becomes a part of the surface rather than a separate entity. There is no film when it’s said and done, but there is an attractive luster that will make it appear as if new concrete was laid down. SCOFIELD Revive is designed for easy installation on horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces using rollers and hand-pump sprayers.

Where Can You USE SCOFIELD Revive?

Because SCOFIELD Revive can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces, it can be used to revive the following surfaces:

  • Concrete with uneven color
  • Faded concrete
  • Concrete with mismatched color
  • Uncolored and unsealed concrete
  • Colored and unsealed concrete
  • Concrete hardscapes

There is also a wide range of colors of this concrete stain that Orlando property owners will love. There are variations of brown, gray, tan, beige, and red. This product is a surefire way to make a statement. Because the outside of a residence or commercial establishment makes the first impression, it is very important to take great care ensuring it looks great for the long term. As soon as colors begin fading or it is simply time for a new look, SCOFIELD Revive is a fast way to make sure that the first impression is always a good one.

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