Six Reasons Why Concrete Floor Systems Make Perfect Sense for Business

Among the different flooring solutions available, a concrete floor system has become the preferred choice for all types of Orlando businesses. This is not by happenstance but because of very specific reasons, including:

Orlando Decorative Concrete Floor Systems

Orlando Decorative Concrete Coatings

  1. Durability – There is no question that durability is one of concrete flooring’s best attributes. Because a concrete floor system offers incredible resilience and strength, it is extremely difficult to damage. For certain commercial businesses, including workshops, mechanic shops, pet stores, retail shops, laundromats, and others high traffic areas, this is extremely important.
  1. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance – A concrete floor system is popular for Orlando businesses due to the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Most commercial establishments with decorative concrete systems will maintain the floor once or twice yearly as recommended by the product manufacturer.  As for daily and ongoing cleaning, most concrete floors are simply swept, dust mopped, and damp mopped with a neutral cleaner as needed.
  1. Adaptability – There are amazing design options. In addition to multiple colors, a professional installer can create various textures and patterns. For example, acid-based stain creates a variegated and one-of-a-kind surface, while stamped concrete is used to mimic natural design elements, including stone, brick, slate, and wood, among others. Company logos can be engraved or embossed into the surface, and company colors can be incorporated into the overall design.
  1. Environmentally-Friendly – Many businesses in Orlando make environmentally-friendly decisions. Considered a “green” choice, seldom is there is there wasted material when having a concrete floor system installed.
  1. Long-Lasting Solution – Longevity is a huge reason that businesses in Orlando are choosing a concrete floor system. When a professional systems is installed by a experienced craftsmen, and the concrete surface is maintained as recommended, this flooring solution could last a lifetime.
  1. No VOCs – Unlike most other flooring materials, most concrete floor systems available today will not give off-gas toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This eliminates potential danger for people working at the business, and is friendlier to the environment.
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