The Latest Trends in Decorative Concrete in Orlando

Although decorative concrete began as a niche product, it now ranks among the best and most exciting flooring and countertop options available in Orlando. Approximately 10 years ago, contractors, architects, and homeowners began seeing decorative concrete as a viable alternative to hardwood floors, pavers, vinyl, and tile.

Today, decorative concrete is a traditional flooring solution, meaning that it is no longer considered unique. However, thanks to companies like Select Surface Solutions and carrying the latest products, materials and tools, decorative concrete in Orlando remains artistic and cutting-edge.

Exciting Trends and Products

  • Polished Concrete – Using innovative tools and supplies from Select Surface Solutions, your contractor can create a gorgeous, low-maintenance, and durable concrete floor. Thanks to cutting-edge material and installation technology, polished concrete flooring has become the most popular choice in the state of Florida. Although polished concrete is commonly found in commercial settings, it is also a top choice for homes.
  • Custom Colorization – For customization of decorative concrete in Orlando, color is one of the hottest trends. Select Surface Solutions offers Eco-Stain, which is available in 23 beautiful colors. The unique solution combines and interacts with the concrete, creating a mottled or marbled type look without the need to use acid stain that requires a wash down process.
  • Sealer – Another trend for decorative concrete has to do with sealers. Unlike traditional sealers used only for protection, Select Surface Solutions has a unique product known as Super 30 a 30% solids premium clear acrylic concrete sealer produces a high-luster finish complete with color-enhancing properties for vibrant and long-lasting aesthetics.
  • Cleaning – For removing deeply embedded grease or oil before beginning a decorative concrete project, EnviroStrip is amazing. In addition to removing stubborn stains, this water-based stripper is non-flammable with a nice citrus smell.

No matter what style of decorative concrete you use for your Orlando project, you are sure to enjoy a gorgeous floor or countertop that offers years of flawless service.

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