Tips for selecting and installing a concrete overlay

Self level overlay with colored elements

Self level overlay with colored elements

A concrete overlay is excellent for transforming the appearance of concrete floors, countertops, pool decking, walkways, and more. Although we often recommend you hire a professional decorative concrete contractor, many of these products can be installed as a do-it-yourself project.

For outstanding results when doing the work on your own, it is important to purchase high-quality products. An excellent source for a variety of overlays in Orlando is Select Surface Solutions. We can also recommend a highly skilled contractor if needed.

By using a quality concrete overlays, the installation can go very quickly. In fact, depending on the size and type of the project, you could finish it in a single day. Select Surface Solutions offers several concrete overlay products, including:

  • SureSpray – Thin, self-bonding concrete overlay perfect for patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks
  • SureTex – Commercial grade overlay with textured slip resistance
  • SureStamp – Used to resurface interior and exterior concrete surfaces with a stamped concrete appearance
  • SureBroom – Commercial grade for leveling and retexturing interior and exterior surfaces often broomed for a non-slip surface texture.

Finishing Tips

Concrete  overlays in Orlando are highly advantageous. In addition to being designed to correct concrete floors with uneven surfaces or damaged areas, they provide a smooth, strong, and durable surface ready for decorative color treatments.

Made from a polymer-modified cement, these overlays are designed to last and remain bonded for the life of the concrete. When smoothing out and/or leveling uneven and worn concrete surfaces you will want to pre-patch the concrete and get it as level and smooth as possible before applying the final overlay material.

In some instances, self-leveling overlays are a great choice if a smooth and level surface is desired.  These overlays are designed to seek their own level and smooth out with only a touch of a smoother or gauge rake tool.  Decoratively each concrete overlay can be colored to enhance the overall aesthetics using dyes and stains.

For something more elaborate, such as saw cutting,  engraving or stenciling  you can enhance the decorative concrete element even more.  Another option is to add decorative inlays, such as metal or wood adhered to the base concrete, followed by pouring the overlay to the inlay level. Remember, if you need help at any time, Select Surface Solutions can recommend the right contractor for the job.

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