Tired of Boring Concrete Countertops? Create a New Look in Your Orlando Kitchen

Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops

Do you feel uninspired in your Orlando kitchen or perhaps embarrassed when people come to visit? If your current concrete countertops look outdated, show signs of wear and tear, or no longer go with the updates you made to the room, why not do something to change their appearance. With the right product installed by a professional, almost anything is possible.

The great thing about concrete countertops is you have an excellent foundation on which to build. As you know, concrete is one of the most durable and longest-lasting materials in existence. If your countertops only have slight surface imperfections, you can have an overlay applied that eliminates the need to tear out the existing slabs for reinstallation.

Although you want new countertops to match the design of your Orlando kitchen, if you plan to sell your house at some point, you might want to keep them relatively neutral. However, if you anticipate living there forever, you have carte blanc to do whatever you want. If you enjoy vibrant colors for a contemporary or eclectic kitchen, a water-based acid stain is perfect.

On the other hand, if you want concrete countertops that look rich and sophisticated, you might consider an acid-based stain. While you would not have as many color options compared to a water-based product, there are still plenty of choices. Also, because the acid penetrates and reacts with chemicals in the concrete, it produces a one-of-a-kind look, meaning no one else has the same design.

Another way to change the appearance of your concrete countertops is by having aggregates or embellishments added to the product. Some of the more common include small pebbles, colored glass, quartz beads, and metallic flakes. However, an expert installer can also incorporate fossils, seashells, and other unique items as a way of customizing your kitchen countertops.

Not only will you enjoy concrete countertops in your Orlando kitchen that look entirely different, but also function better. Some products resist abrasions, stains, heat, and other common issues with other materials used for kitchen countertops.

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